NSW & Sydney Conveyancing

Sydney Conveyancer

Buying and selling property is most likely one the most significant financial decisions you make and can be emotionally stressful. Therefore, at Katherine Jurgens Conveyancing, our aim is make that process a pleasant manageable experience, dealing with someone you can trust. However, you should not have to pay a premium for such quality care. We provide you quality but cost effective service with minimal inconvenience to you.

We are a dedicated Sydney conveyancing firm and can guide you through each step of the process, ensuring you are fully aware of your rights and obligations associated with your transaction.

If you are selling, we can provide a 24 hour turnaround to deliver contracts to your nominated agent and we work along with your agent to ensure you attain the best result.

If you are purchasing, we provide free contract reviews to ensure you are confident commencing your negotiations.

Allow us to assist you on your journey by completing a contact request.